Tenacity Gaming_GreenTenacity Green Co-Captains have Handed over to Cloud9High all inquiries about TcityG, members and recruitment, please message him.

Cloud9 – Forum PM
Tenacity Green

Fester and Vindi, have by no means left TcityG, they have had a drop of activity and handed the reins to a motivated member. Cloud will be looking at maintaining Greens comradery, increasing their numbers and activity.


The Tenacity Gaming Community TeamSpeak server is due for renewal in approx 50 Days.
logo2The TeamSpeak server has previously been solely funded by R3d and Aphetto, this cannot continue anymore.
We the Tenacity Admin Team are looking for Community members to help fund the next TeamSpeak server. the size of which will be determined by the communities donations towards it.

Donations will be counted 14 days prior to TS Shutoff, R3d, Zorodek and the admin team will discuss whats best and where we will go with the future of Tenacity’s Comms. 



Help Tenacity keep the TS Running. we have housed many people in this open community.Donate1Lets continue to do so.