Tenacity are a well evolving community of like minded players.
Our Requirements are:

16+ Years of Age
Mic for Curse chat
Non Toxic Personality
Sense of humour

Our goal is to establish a decent sized group of players who communicate on the forums, on Curse and in game, play together on a regular basis and escape the toxicity of the masses. We currently have several teams active in games we play.
Tenacity is an open community and providing you are a decent human being all are welcome.

Tenacity Gaming – named for this groups never say die attitude, never surrender, but fight to the last.

The Tenacity Phoenix

Representing our undying effort to comeback from seemingly unrecoverable situations, the Phoenix re spawns from the ashes of our failures ready to go again, renewed and regrouped Tenacity will stand fast and come again, rising from the ashes of defeat we will never surrender, we will advance in fire raining hell upon those who oppose us.